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1 Kilo Spiderman Proof Silver Coin


Now Available!

The 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming breathes new life into the beloved story as it swings wide open on the fresh-faced web-slinger still grappling with his newfound powers post-radioactive-spider bite. It’s only fitting that this worthy big-screen treatment is perfectly embodied with the ultra-rare and MASSIVE 1 Kilo Spider-Man: Homecoming Silver Proof Coin.

spiderman gold coin homecoming pure gold edition

1 oz. Spider-Man Proof Gold Coin


Available Now!

The blockbuster release of Spider-Man: Homecoming has reenergized an entire legion of fans worldwide in celebration of the iconic web-head. Nothing captures this trilling moment better than the 1 oz. Spider-Man: Homecoming Black Proof Gold Coin signed by Stan Lee himself!


1 oz. Spider-Man Proof Silver Coin


Now Available!

In a universe populated with superheroes and super-villains, one rises above all others. Introducing the all-new 1 oz. Homecoming: Spider-Man Proof Silver Coin to celebrate comic book history’s greatest superhero of all time!