Forever memorialize the most popular comic book hero of all time—IN PURE GOLD.

Celebrating the first installment of Marvel’s latest Spider-Man trilogy, the all-new 1 oz. Spider-Man: Homecoming Black Proof Gold Coin showcases the teen comic-book hero like never before. Officially licensed by Marvel and brilliantly struck from .9999 pure gold, this limited edition coin features the dynamic image of Spider-Man scaling a New York City-sized wall during his latest save-the-world adventure.
Stan Lee, real-life legend and co-creator of Spider-Man, has hand-signed ONLY 1,000 exclusive labels for these collector coins graded in the highest grades possible from Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)—making for the perfect addition to any Spider-Man collection!

Own part of the Spider-Man phenomenon with brilliant, timeless silver collector coins!

The Spider-Man: Homecoming Silver Proof High Relief Coin features a thrilling design of the legendary web-slinger ready to swing into action with impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional artistry. Available in 1 oz. and 1 kilo sizes, these limited edition coins are made from .999 pure silver and officially licensed by Marvel.
Each coin comes with an exclusive Spider-Man label and is encapsulated by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) to protect its high-grade condition and guarantee its authenticity. Add this amazing Spider-Man coin to your collection today!

Own the Complete Spider-Man: Homecoming Coin Collection!

This unforgettable series of gold and silver coins pays the ultimate tribute to everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man—exclusively from Legendary Precious Metals!

The 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming coin series brings to life the iconic web-head in all of its “Spidey” glory. Available in three unique sizes—1 oz. Black Proof Gold, 1 oz. Silver Proof High Relief or 1 Kilo Silver Proof High Relief—collect all three before they’re gone!

  • Highly collectible design
  • Very limited supply available
  • Officially licensed by Marvel
  • Gold coin label signed by Stan Lee
  • Legal-tender coin series
  • Struck from pure gold or silver
  • Special edition packaging
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

The Smartminting© Advantage

Smartminting© is a revolutionary technology in the field of modern numismatics. It literally pushes the boundaries, facilitates new specifications and sets new standards in the coin industry.

The greatest advantage of smartminting is undoubtedly the dramatic and unsurpassed relief heights combined with extraordinarily intricate details that the smartminting process facilitates. While conventionally minting procedures require more raw material (larger weight) to increase relief height, smartminting coins attain their impressive relief without the need for more material. Moreover, smartminting can not only be applied to antique finish coins, but also to proof and coloured coins thus creating unparalleled high relief proof coins in the finest quality.

For more information on Smartminting, check out the CIT Mint page here.

Don’t Be Left Hanging! Own The Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel Collectible Coin Series Today!

1 Kilo Spiderman Proof Silver Coin

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The 2017 film Spider-Man: Homecoming breathes new life into the beloved story as it swings wide open on the fresh-faced web-slinger still grappling with his newfound powers post-radioactive-spider bite. It’s only fitting that this worthy big-screen treatment is perfectly embodied with the ultra-rare and MASSIVE 1 Kilo Spider-Man: Homecoming Silver Proof Coin.

spiderman gold coin homecoming pure gold edition

1 oz. Spider-Man Proof Gold Coin

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The blockbuster release of Spider-Man: Homecoming has reenergized an entire legion of fans worldwide in celebration of the iconic web-head. Nothing captures this trilling moment better than the 1 oz. Spider-Man: Homecoming Black Proof Gold Coin signed by Stan Lee himself!

1 oz. Spider-Man Proof Silver Coin

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In a universe populated with superheroes and super-villains, one rises above all others. Introducing the all-new 1 oz. Homecoming: Spider-Man Proof Silver Coin to celebrate comic book history’s greatest superhero of all time!

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